Prepaid card Programs in Europe

Prepaid card Programs in Europe

Prepaid card Programs in Europe

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has developed the following programs in Europe:

Programs: co-branded card programs, payroll, commissions payouts, global payments.

Card type: prepaid card, credit card, prepaid credit card, co-branded card

With the credit card programs under this scheme, the employees have been able to get rid of check cashing fees, which is around 6 percent to 12 percent in most of the Asian and European regions. Moreover, we make our cobranded cards customized so that the cardholder gets the feeling of ownership; the customization involves embossing your name or adding logo or design of your company on the card.

The business owners have also been able to enjoy a certain commission on every transaction carried out by our co-branded cards under the debit card program. However, the commission is based solely on the number of transactions made and on pre decided terms and conditions. co-branded payroll commissions scheme:  Read more

Programs: co-branded card programs, commission payouts, financial payments, MLM payouts

Card type: credit card, prepaid debit card, prepaid credit card, co-branded card

Financial companies all over the world can minimize their administrative costs and payment problems by indulging in our payroll services associated with our cobranded card programs. With our help, they can reduce their cost of operations by getting co-branded micro loans form us which is in turn, advertised as a product of the company itself. Turnkey solutions such as this allow for a flexible and longer lasting relationship with our customers guaranteeing their business growth as well. Financial payouts cards:  Read more

Programs: banking, financial institutions programs, white label program

Card type: prepaid card, credit card, co-branded card

Businesses and financial institutions in Cyprus have especially taken advantage of our cobranded banking cards. With our large network, they can easily send in and receive money both locally and internationally and that too at a very low cost. The cobranded banking card programs in Cyprus have been tailored according to the financial and banking of the region, so that while making international transactions especially, no hindrance is faced by our clients.

The cobranded banking cards help you maintain customer loyalty and give your business the right boost that is needed for its growth. So join in our network today and become a part of the world’s most reliable cobranded card company. Co-branded banking cards:  Read more

Programs: e-wallet cards, co branded card program, virtual card program

Card type: credit card, co branded card, prepaid credit card, prepaid card

With clients in countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, France, Malaysia and UK, our co-branded E-wallet cards makes it easy for users to retrieve their stored data for online purchases. This strategy helps retailers, merchants and customers alike to reduce the number of aborted online transactions. Co-branded e-wallet cards:  Read more

Programs: commission payments, global payouts, co-branded card program, travel remittance,

Card type: prepaid debit card, prepaid card, co-branded card, prepaid credit card

Not only do travel remittance cards offer flexibility but they are also a secure way of sending money across borders and then giving the receiver the advantage of withdrawing the money from ATMs and using it in merchant establishments. Travel remittance cards:  Read more

Programs: educational incentives, co branded card programs, university programs, international scholarship payouts, educational institutions program

Card type: prepaid credit card, prepaid card, co branded card, generic card

So what do the educational institutions get by becoming a part of the co-branded card program being offered by us? Primarily, they are able to set up a brand name for themselves that allows them to develop a sense of trust with their students. Since both the prepaid card programs and credit card programs are powered by Visa and MasterCard, the educational institutions can safely assume that all their transactions are secure and going through a reliable channel. Apart from this, the university and college part of our co-branded card scheme is also liable to get a commission on every transaction done from the card. For these reasons, educational institutions in Tokyo and Western Europe have joined our vast network of cobranded plans and schemes. Educational institutions cards:  Read more

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