Prepaid Card Program

Prepaid Card Program

Prepaid Card Program / Prepaid Card Programs

Prepaid card Program enjoy the benefits of a credit card or debit card

A prepaid card program offers an attractive array of benefits to consumers which are simply not possible with credit cards and debit cards. For this reason prepaid card programs have quickly grown in popularity as more and more people begin to discover the many advantages to this credit card alternative. A prepaid card program can be preloaded with funds, used for direct deposit and even used as a way to receive government benefits without having access to a checking account.

One of the many benefits of a prepaid card program is that anyone is eligible to get one and credit history will not prevent anyone from gaining access to this popular alternative. Because the money is preloaded by the cardholder and there is no line of credit being extended by a financial institution, credit has no bearing on approval for a prepaid card.

This convenient alternative allows prepaid card holders to enjoy all of the benefits of a credit or debit card without the risk of overspending. Using prepaid card programs also offers security to consumers which are not available when using cash or checks. For this reason, a prepaid card program is the preferred choice of online transactions for many consumers. Security is also increased in the event of theft; many companies offer protection which ensures the consumer is not liable for purchases on their prepaid card which are unauthorized in the event the prepaid card is lost or stolen.

A prepaid card program is just as convenient as a credit card and allows consumers to quickly access cash at an ATM or make purchases online or at retailors. Most prepaid card programs also feature a Visa or MasterCard logo which means that the prepaid card can be used at retailors around the world which accept these well-known credit cards.

Prepaid card programs can also act as a reward card, allowing prepaid card holders to earn rewards for their purchases. The only difference is that the purchases with this type of card are funded by the user and not a financial institution. By combining the benefits of a reward card with the convenience of a prepaid card program many companies have found that consumers love the flexibility and benefits which are available to them.

We offer a variety of prepaid card programs and would love to assist you in cashing in on the many benefits which prepaid cards have to offer. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to assist you in any way we can!

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