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Forex prepaid cards – Cobranded debit card program or a credit card program

Forex cards are prepaid cards that are used for making payments and purchases while travelling abroad. It is preferable to carry a Forex card while travelling abroad as it is much better and more cost-efficient than debit card and credit card. Credit cards and debit cards carry a risk of fraud and the charges for using these cards can discourage people to use them. Carrying cash is risky and travelers cannot carry a large amount, as there is a chance that it might be stolen. In such a case, travelers can choose a Forex card as an alternative mode of payment. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid offers the services of developing co-branded card programs in association with MasterCard and Visa that issue Forex prepaid cards.

Forex prepaid cards are loaded with cash from a linked current account of the customer. A limited amount of cash is allowed to be loaded on the co-branded card so that if it is lost or stolen, then the thieves would only have access to the limited amount on your card. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has cobranded card programs that allow the users to reload their prepaid card even if they are travelling abroad. It can be done by simply calling the card provider and transferring the required funds from the linked current account to the cobranded card. Card issuing authorities often allow other people to reload the prepaid Forex card in case the cardholder is unable to do so himself.

A Forex prepaid card program is essentially similar to a debit card program or a credit card program. The main difference is that the cardholder is allowed to make payments in the regional currency through the Forex card. The user has to enter the PIN that allows him to make the necessary payment.

Furthermore, since a Forex card is a prepaid card with limited funds available therefore, the user has a limited chance of overspending. It is particularly useful for impulsive shoppers who cannot resist the temptation to buy overpriced foreign goods. These prepaid card programs by Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid are particularly useful to manage your budget while travelling abroad. A credit card program requires that the user must have good credit history and must be able to pay the monthly bills. A prepaid card program has no such requirements and you are only allowed to spend what you have.

A Forex card can be replaced if lost or stolen and you can get your money back as well. A cobranded card program by Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid tries to ensure financial safety of the customer. A Forex card offers better exchange rates to the customers who are travelling abroad. You might not get such rates if you are converting cash into another currency. Moreover, the exchange rates are locked for each day and all the purchases and payments you make on a particular day are deducted according to the exchange rate on that day.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid keeps the consumer needs in mind while developing co-branded card programs. The company tries to offer maximum security on their co-branded cards with added advantages for the convenience of the customers.

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