Foreign Exchange Schemes

Foreign Exchange Schemes

Foreign Exchange Schemes

Cobranded Foreign Exchange Plans:

With the financial market growing at such a fast rate, it has become essential to trade in both local and foreign currency. When dealing in foreign exchange, there is a lot of risk involved and this is where we come in. As a cobranded company, we bring to you such credit card programs that are customized to deal in foreign exchange transfers. Along with this, special debit card programs and certain prepaid card programs have also been tailored to make your international transactions easier and smooth without delays.

The foreign exchange schemes are equally suitable for small and large business owners and for individuals who have to transfer money abroad on regular bases. The credit cards and debit cards that fall under foreign exchange schemes can help you save a lot of paper and postal cost that is associated with manual transfers through checks etc.

Options under Foreign Exchange Schemes:

The cobranded cards issued by us are all backed by Visa and MasterCard, so along with reliability and trust we also bring to you the facility of instant cash availability. You can use any ATM in your area that accepts Visa and MasterCard and can collect cash any time you want from your co-branded card. We keeping in mind the requirements of our clients have designed the foreign exchange schemes and cards. For this purpose, we also offer customized card facility along with other transaction related advantages. Following are some of the main options that we have to offer under foreign exchange schemes:

  • White label cards
  • Turnkey program
  • Zero balance cards
  • Embossed and non-embossed cards
  • Cards with your company logo or design on it
  • Multi branded card scheme
  • Personalized and non-personalized card plans

Foreign Exchange Schemes for Canadian Customers:

Our cobranded card programs have especially gained a lot of attention amongst our Canadian customers; according to the Canadian rules and regulations, we acquire all the necessary licensing necessary to make transactions possible. Keeping in mind the amount of risk involved in foreign transactions, we also offer insurance for all online dealings and payments. The main idea behind this is to ensure that the latest security measures are installed and that all your transactions are carried out smoothly with minimum possible delays.

Our prepaid cards under foreign exchange schemes have also been able to gain popularity because of the low amount of fees and charges associated with it. Apart from this, the reduced cost resulting from minimal use of paper transactions and checks etc. have helped businesses in Canada to show higher revenues and lower administrative expenses. The co-branded card programs for foreign exchange companies in Canada have allowed then to develop a brand image, increasing customer base with almost zero acquisition cost.

So whether you are a new business owner or you have been running a business for a very long time, now is the time to affiliate yourself with the cobranded card programs of Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid.

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