Financial Payouts

Financial Payouts

Financial Payouts

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid card programs for automated financial payments

Large corporations that have made investments are required to pay dividends to the investors and shareholders once the profits from the investments start pouring in. These profits are distributed among the investors in the form of cash payments. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid assists corporations in distributing the dividends according to the preferred mode of transaction chosen by the investors. As cash is considered an inconvenient mode of financial transaction, therefore, cobranded card programs with debit cards or prepaid cards are often used.

Financial payouts are distributed as soon as the investment starts yielding positive results. The capital investment is deducted from the total revenue and the profits are distributed according to the share of each investor in the corporation. A company can choose whether to invest the profits or to distribute them among the shareholders. The ratio of the amount that is distributed and reinvested effects the business growth. The investors that require a high current income prefer high financial payouts. The corporations that are interested in capital growth usually have low financial payout ratio. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid can develop customized Payout Cards for businesses in association with Visa and MasterCard, allowing the cardholders and corporations greater control over their transactions.

Apart from being convenient, the cobranded cards are an effective means of managing transactions. Such transactions are easier to track and record, making the transaction management convenient for the businesses. Moreover, transactions can be made worldwide, as Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is partnered with Visa and MasterCard networks. These two brands are widely accepted and frequently used. The transparency of the procedure makes the cobranded card program even more appealing as the chances of fraud are significantly reduced.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid also offers card programs that allow the companies to make automated payments. Payout cards are of two types – personal and company payout cards. Personal payout cards are mostly used for annuities and insurances. The company payout cards are used for the dividend distribution. The investors or company employees are issued a payout card upon joining the company. Each card has a PIN that is required in order to draw cash from any ATM having the logo of Visa or MasterCard, as these two brands are associated with Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid. Funds are transferred at each payout cycle and can be drawn through the ATM. These cards have replaced cash especially in large corporations. However, the companies must have an account with the financial institution that distributes the funds among the members.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid develops co-branded card programs that provide maximum benefits to the users. The transactions made through cobranded cards are safer and there is little chance of any mistake unlike the manual transactions through checks. This method of payouts is less time-consuming and the cardholders do not have to wait for the arrival of checks. It eliminates the expense of checking charges as the cash is directly transferred and can be drawn at any ATM.

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