Financial Payouts

Financial Payouts

Financial Payouts

Co-branded cards are gaining popularity all over the world pretty fast because this helps companies to protect their brand name and increase their brand exposure and saving them time and money. Co-branded card programs is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid to provide financial payout assistance to clients all over the world, in particular, New Zealand, Latin America and South Europe. Our prepaid card programs have been designed to benefit both customers and dealers by giving them a better ratio and boosting the shopping experience of the customer and the business prospects of the dealer.

Debit Card Programs and Financial Payouts

Because of our strong association with Visa and MasterCard, we have provided out clients in New Zealand, South Europe and Latin America with numerous market opportunities. With such reliability and associations, our clients in these regions have enjoyed a larger customer base, increased brand loyalty and the ability to expand in newer markets.

In particular, our debit card programs have been able to allow financial payout companies to improve their business strategies by dispensing money efficiently. These programs have been designed with flexibility in mind to allow us to merge with a variety of businesses in different global regions. We have not just set up financial payout assistance mechanisms for our clients in New Zealand, South Europe and Latin American but we have also provided them with different options of payment combinations, turnkey solutions and white label programs to suit their targets.

Financial Payout Services

At Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid, we have strived to increase the diversity of the financial services we provide. Some of these services include providing insurance payout and pension payout programs, micro loans, benefit payout applications and processing affiliation applications based on memberships.

In addition to this, we recognize the fact that clients in New Zealand may have different needs than clients in South Europe so we alter our generic debit and credit card programs accordingly. Customization is our key feature provided to financial payout companies and gives makes our prepaid card programs robust and reliable.

Benefits to Financial Companies

Financial companies all over the world can minimize their administrative costs and payment problems by indulging in our payroll services associated with our cobranded card programs. With our help, they can reduce their cost of operations by getting co-branded micro loans form us which is in turn, advertised as a product of the company itself. Turnkey solutions such as this allow for a flexible and longer lasting relationship with our customers guaranteeing their business growth as well.

In addition to financial companies, we cater to the financial payout needs of Multilevel Marketing companies as well. In this model, the payout depends on multiple levels and with cobranded debit cards, the holder does not need to have an account or credit checks for the payment and the holder can enjoy global acceptance thanks to our partnership with Visa and MasterCard. MLM companies can save money and time by instant cash transfer to card accounts and avoid the costs associated with international transfers.

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