eWallet Cards

eWallet Cards

eWallet Cards

Secure Co Branded prepaid Cards – eWallet card payments

Security is often a major issue for people who make payments and purchases online. Online purchases often require the user to enter their debit card or credit card number. Most people are reluctant to do so in case the security might be compromised, revealing their credit card or debit card information to the hackers. At Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid, the co-branded card programs are developed while keeping the user security in mind. The company provides programs for cobranded cards that can be used for online shopping without compromising the user’s security. These eWallet cards not only provide security but also convenience for the user.

EWallet is an electronic wallet that is used for storing personal, financial and business information. The information is stored on cards that can be arranged according to the user’s utility. It is possible to have more than one eWallet and these can be shared as well. eWallets can be made secure by locking them and using a password. EWallet cards are used for making purchases online and transferring payments. The cobranded card program for eWallets by Silver Cards Cobranded prepaid can be used to receive payments from an online account. Various financial institutions and websites offer this service. The authenticity of the websites is an issue for most people, but they can use eWallet cards without the fear of compromising their security.

For acquiring an eWallet, the user must provide some personal information to the company. Once you have an eWallet, you can use it to for ‘money in’ and ‘money out’ transactions. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid provides cobranded card programs to fund eWallet cards from credit cards, debit card and local bank deposits. The users are also allowed to transfer funds from another account online where their payment is pending. To make a payment, the users can use the money transfer service or withdrawal service that the company provides. All of these payments are a simple matter of entering the PIN for the user’s account.

The funds on an eWallet card can also be accessed at any ATM. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is associated with Visa and MasterCard, therefore, the ATM must display the logo of Visa or MasterCard. As these two brands are widely used, so the users can access their funds almost anywhere.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid provides customized cobranded card programs for businesses that are concerned with their security. Certain businesses do not require the users to enter their information for each transfer and the cobranded program allows the users to make multiple purchases and pay together. However, Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid can customize the cobranded card program so that the user would have to enter the information for each transaction. It reduces the consumer fear of making online transaction. However, if convenience is required, then the cobranded card program can be altered to make multiple transactions at once.

There is a certain limit on the amount that can be loaded on eWallet. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid offers cobranded cards with customized limits to suit the needs of each client. The company is committed to user security and convenience and provides the most suitable card programs for online transactions.

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