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An Ewallet card is basically the same as a credit card or debit card

A Ewallet card is quickly growing in popularity with consumers as the age of Internet continues to grow and expand. Ewallet cards are basically the same as a credit card or debit card; however, they are used for making online transactions which are safe and secure. Because of the growing risks of making purchases online, the Ewallet card is a great way to protect yourself from allowing this to happen to you.

Most websites advertise that the checkout page is safe, secure and encrypted so that your personal information such as your debit card or credit card number will remain safe during an online transaction. However, as most people already know this is not always the case. With a Ewallet card you can rest assured that your credit card information will not be compromised because you do not have to enter the number of the card when using a Ewallet card to pay for online transactions.

This is a great feature which allows consumers to make purchases from unknown websites that they have not used in the past with confidence knowing that they are avoiding the associated risks through the use of a Ewallet card. Because when you use Ewallet cards, there is no need to enter your credit or debit card information there is no risk of allowing this information to become compromised by falling into the wrong hands.

Another benefit of a Ewallet card is that you can set your own limits of spending so that you can easily budget the amount you would like to spend without risking going over this amount unknowingly as you can do when using a standard credit card with an open line of credit.  Most Ewallet cards allow you a set amount of time to spend the funds which have been placed onto the Ewallet card; if the funds are not spent then the money is placed back into the account from which it was funded. This means that even if a Ewallet card were to fall into the wrong hands, it would not be able to be used and would quickly be deactivated.

If you are interested in signing up for a Ewallet card to help you shop online safely and securely please feel free to contact us. We offer Ewallet cards and would love to help you with this in any way that we can!

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