Educational Institutions Cards

Educational Institutions Cards

Educational Institutions Cards

Cobranded Educational Institutions Card – The need of the Hour:

Students have to face many difficulties in managing their finances while studying; there is tuition fees to pay, books to buy apart from the everyday and book (or notes) related expenses. Keeping this in mind, we at Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid have designed cobranded educational institution cards, which can help both students and institutions in maintaining the perfect balance between their finances and transactions.

We understand that it is very difficult for students to pay the administrative charges etc. on their banking transactions, so in order to facilitate them, our cobranded card programs have very low or (in some cases) no administrative charges or fee on transactions done by educational institution cards.

Features of Educational Institutional Cards:

The educational institutional plan includes credit, prepaid and debit card programs, which have been designed with the aim to facilitate students, and universities/college at all levels. Some important features include:

  • Low cost of transactions
  • Cost saving from check books and paper usage
  • No need for a proper bank account
  • Instant availability of cash through ATMs
  • Save transfer of money to and from educational institutions

Success story of Educational Institutions Card:

The success story of our special feature educational institutional cards begin with Tokyo and goes up to Western Europe where a large number of educational institutions have become a part of our co-branded program through debit cards, credit cards and even prepaid cards.

The educational institution cards have allowed various universities and colleges to issues their own customized cards with their logos on it. Some educational institutions have personalized cobranded cards that have the student’s name embossed on it so that in case the card is lost, it can easily be returned to the rightful owner.

So what do the educational institutions get by becoming a part of the co-branded card program being offered by us? Primarily, they are able to set up a brand name for themselves that allows them to develop a sense of trust with their students. Since both the prepaid card programs and credit card programs are powered by Visa and MasterCard, the educational institutions can safely assume that all their transactions are secure and going through a reliable channel. Apart from this, the university and college part of our co-branded card scheme is also liable to get a commission on every transaction done from the card. For these reasons, educational institutions in Tokyo and Western Europe have joined our vast network of cobranded plans and schemes.

Education in both Tokyo and West Europe is considered a very serious business, that is probably why students in these regions also trust the services and products that we are offering. A large number of students have joined the debit card program of educational institutional cards by linking their card to their bank accounts. So overall, both students and educational institutions around the world are reducing their costs and improving their connections through our services. When are you joining in?

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