Co-branded prepaid cards in Asia

Co-branded prepaid cards in Asia

CoBranded Prepaid Cards in Asia

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has developed the following programs in Asia:

Programs: payroll programs, co-branded programs, commissions schemes.

Card type: credit card, prepaid card, prepaid credit card.

Our payroll and commission programs have been especially popular amongst businesses in Asia and Western Europe. The employers have benefitted from the prepaid cards as well as debit cards being issued under this program. The payroll scheme has allowed most of the business owners to develop a unique partnership and sense of trust with their employees in their salary transfer and every day transactions.

With the credit card programs under this scheme, the employees have been able to get rid of check cashing fees, which is around 6 percent to 12 percent in most of the Asian and European regions. Moreover, we make our cobranded cards customized so that the cardholder gets the feeling of ownership; the customization involves embossing your name or adding logo or design of your company on the card. Co-branded payroll commissions scheme:  Read more

Programs: financial payouts, co-branded programs, commission payments, multi-level marketing commission payouts

Card type: prepaid credit card, prepaid debit card.

In addition to financial companies, we cater to the financial payout needs of Multilevel Marketing companies as well. In this model, the payout depends on multiple levels and with cobranded debit cards, the holder does not need to have an account or credit checks for the payment and the holder can enjoy global acceptance thanks to our partnership with Visa and MasterCard. MLM companies can save money and time by instant cash transfer to card accounts and avoid the costs associated with international transfers. Financial payouts cards:  Read more

Programs: e-wallet cards, co branded card program, virtual card program

Card type: credit card, prepaid credit card

E-wallet prepaid cards are essentially virtual cards that offer a number of options to its users whether they hold a credit card account, prepaid cards or co-branded cards. With so much flexibility in making payments and shopping, our clients have a sure shot way of increasing their business and attracting customers that are using the internet increasingly for making local and international transactions.

Recognizing the trouble that users might have in controlling their online spending habits, Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has excellent prepaid cards package. With this package, customers can spend only that much money in their account making it easier to control their expenditure whether they do it in person or on the internet. However, for people who love to shop, the credit card e-wallet program offers an exhilarating and convenient way to pay for the things your customers will buy. Co-branded e wallet cards:  Read more

Programs: travel remittance program, commission payouts,

Card type: prepaid debit card, prepaid card, prepaid credit card

The traveling and remittance co-branded cards that we are offering to our customers are customized according to the needs of the area. With our large network, we are able to deliver our services all around the world at an exceptionally low rate. So while doing business with us, you will learn that we truly understand the worth of your money. The salient features of our travel and remittance card program are as follows: Travel remittance cards:  Read more

Programs: university programs, educational rewards, educational institutions program

Card type: prepaid credit card, prepaid card

Education in both Tokyo and West Europe is considered a very serious business, that is probably why students in these regions also trust the services and products that we are offering. A large number of students have joined the debit card program of educational institutional cards by linking their card to their bank accounts. So overall, both students and educational institutions around the world are reducing their costs and improving their connections through our services. When are you joining in? Educational institutions cards:  Read more

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