Co-branded Payroll / Commissions Scheme

Co-branded Payroll / Commissions Scheme

Co-branded Payroll / Commissions Scheme

Using the Power of Co-branding:

Whether you are looking for a debit card program or a prepaid card program, cobranded cards provide you with a partnership of the future. Our programs do not only develop a sense of belonging between you and your customers but also increase customer loyalty while reduce the acquisition cost of the customers. Along with this, the credit card programs allow you to save costs on your business while providing you with instant availability of cash. Therefore, if you want to compete with the ever-growing financial markets, you need to be a part of the co-branded card programs by Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid.

Advantages of Co-branded Commission & Payroll Programs:

Cobranded card programs have been further categorized into specific programs in order to meet your requirements in the best possible way. The payroll and commission scheme has been designed for both small and large-scale businesses to make their payment distribution process easier and less costly. Here are some of the main advantages of the commission-based program:

  • Employees who do not have bank account can use the payroll debit card and credit card.
  • With the payroll card in your hand, you can save numerous administrative charges of the bank like the cost of printing checkbooks etc.
  • All the payroll cards are powered by Visa and Master Card, so you can take your money out by visiting the nearest ATM in your area.
  • The credit cards on payroll programs can be used to pay your shopping bills as well, so you do not need to keep a separate credit card for your everyday transactions.
  • Our payroll and commission cards are much safer and more user friendly than regular cash. They help you reduce your business cost and increase your overall business growth and revenue

Payroll Schemes for Asia & Western Europe:

Our payroll and commission programs have been especially popular amongst businesses in Asia and Western Europe. The employers have benefitted from the prepaid cards as well as debit cards being issued under this program. The payroll scheme has allowed most of the business owners to develop a unique partnership and sense of trust with their employees in their salary transfer and every day transactions.

With the credit card programs under this scheme, the employees have been able to get rid of check cashing fees, which is around 6 percent to 12 percent in most of the Asian and European regions. Moreover, we make our cobranded cards customized so that the cardholder gets the feeling of ownership; the customization involves embossing your name or adding logo or design of your company on the card.

The business owners have also been able to enjoy a certain commission on every transaction carried out by our co-branded cards under the debit card program. However, the commission is based solely on the number of transactions made and on pre decided terms and conditions.

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