co branded prepaid cards Co-branded Forex Card – a new era in forex payouts

Co-branded Forex Card – a new era in forex payouts

Co-branded Forex Card – a new era in forex payouts

We are proud to announce the introduction of Forex card and now can begin to offer businesses like yours all of the many benefits which can be achieved from using a Forex card in place of a standard debit card, credit card, prepaid card or cobranded card. Here at Silver Card Cobranded cards we understand the importance of simplifying your business needs and would love to make this dream a reality through the use of our Forex Card program. Our Forex card program may just be the answer that your business has been looking for to simplify the process of withdrawing funds from your Forex accounts.

Your business can now experience all of the many benefits that a Forex card has to offer such as instant access to cash from Forex websites which will allow you to be able to quickly and easily withdrawal funds without having to worry about the confusing conversion of foreign funds that is often a part of foreign transactions of Forex accounts. A Forex card is a prepaid card that you can easily use to withdraw your businesses funds without hassle from your Forex account which will provide you with quick and easy instant access to your Forex funds. And what’s better is that there is no confusing foreign funds conversion and no waiting for access to your companies Forex funds.

The addition of a Prepaid Forex card is great for any business that needs to withdrawal funds from a Forex account as part of their day to day business operations. So, if you are looking for a way to simplify this process for your company and gain quick and easy access to these funds without the hassle of confusing foreign finance conversion then our Forex Card is a great option for you that will quickly simplify this process for you!


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