Co-branded e-wallet cards

Co-branded e-wallet cards

Co-branded e-wallet cards

In the near future, customers will look towards online payment services and solutions as their primary mode of making transactions. This means that the business for Co-branded electronic e-wallet cards is about to become extremely popular and Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is here to help its clients make the most out of this deal.

What is a co-branded ewallet card?

When the system of electronic payment becomes co-branded, the resulting union is known as a cobranded card program electronic wallet. Essentially a financial institution that is controlling an electronic wallet related server is coupled with the merchant’s website server and the user’s computer using the internet as a common medium. This electronic payment system makes use of credit card account or the debit card account of the user.

Benefits to Our Customers

With clients in countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, France, Malaysia and UK, our co-branded E-wallet cards makes it easy for users to retrieve their stored data for online purchases. This strategy helps retailers, merchants and customers alike to reduce the number of aborted online transactions.

Not just this, with such a program, users in these locations do not have to fill out forms on the internet for making payments because their information is already stored with the merchant’s database. Along with the electronic card, the user gets a prepaid card as well with the help of which the user can withdraw money or spend it in millions of locations all over the world making it extremely easy for people to shop as they go.

Our co-branded card programs coupled with the electronic wallet service offer additional benefits to our clients and the payments they have to make, in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the costs associated with Swift transfers and writing checks
  • Reducing the need for currency conversion in international payments
  • Paying agents with no bank accounts or credit cards
  • Compliance and efficiency of operation with the existing software database

When our clients have to receive payments using this electronic wallet service, they can help their customers increase the privacy of their payments. In addition to this, our partnership with Visa and MasterCard includes the e-wallet service meaning that an e-wallet prepaid card with the Visa/MasterCard brand will not require any integration.

Virtual Shopping Made Easier

E-wallet prepaid cards are essentially virtual cards that offer a number of options to its users whether they hold a credit card account, prepaid cards or co-branded cards. With so much flexibility in making payments and shopping, our clients have a sure shot way of increasing their business and attracting customers that are using the internet increasingly for making local and international transactions.

Recognizing the trouble that users might have in controlling their online spending habits, Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has excellent prepaid cards package. With this package, customers can spend only that much money in their account making it easier to control their expenditure whether they do it in person or on the internet. However, for people who love to shop, the credit card e-wallet program offers an exhilarating and convenient way to pay for the things your customers will buy.

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