Co-branded card programs Australia

Co-branded card programs Australia

Co-branded card programs Australia

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has developed the following programs in Australia:

Programs: e-wallet cards, co branded card program, virtual card program

Card type: co-branded card, prepaid credit card, credit card, prepaid card

With clients in countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, France, Malaysia and UK, our co-branded E-wallet cards makes it easy for users to retrieve their stored data for online purchases. This strategy helps retailers, merchants and customers alike to reduce the number of aborted online transactions. Not just this, with such a program, users in these locations do not have to fill out forms on the internet for making payments because their information is already stored with the merchant’s database. Along with the electronic card, the user gets a prepaid card as well with the help of which the user can withdraw money or spend it in millions of locations all over the world making it extremely easy for people to shop as they go. Read more

Programs: co-branded card program, international payouts, commissions/bonuses/rebates payouts, financial payments, MLM payouts, pension payout program

Card type: credit card, prepaid credit card, co-branded card, prepaid card

At Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid, we have strived to increase the diversity of the financial services we provide. Some of these services include providing insurance payout and pension payout programs, micro loans, benefit payout applications and processing affiliation applications based on memberships. In addition to this, we recognize the fact that clients in New Zealand may have different needs than clients in South Europe so we alter our generic debit and credit card programs accordingly. Customization is our key feature provided to financial payout companies and gives makes our prepaid card programs robust and reliable. Read more

Programs: global payouts, commission payments, co-branded card program, travel remittance

Card type: prepaid card, co-branded card, prepaid credit card

The traveling and remittance co-branded cards that we are offering to our customers are customized according to the needs of the area. With our large network, we are able to deliver our services all around the world at an exceptionally low rate. So while doing business with us, you will learn that we truly understand the worth of your money. The salient features of our travel and remittance card program are as follows: Read more

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