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Co-branded Card Program

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We understand that companies who are interested in exploring the many benefits which a co-branded card program offers are looking for those which offer simplicity of use. This is why our co-branded card programs offer a variety of different card options to help meet the needs of today’s businesses. Before you can determine if a co-branded card program is the right choice for your business, you should first understand all of the benefits which these co-branded card programs have to offer to both businesses and consumers.

One of the most appreciated programs which are available through the use of a co-branded card program is the use of reward points which allow customers to benefit from spending money on your products or services. This allows companies to retain current customers through the use of a co-branded card program and also helps to attract new customers as the work of the rewards program spreads to others as well.

Because of these highly praised benefits many consumers now prefer the use of co-branded card programs over traditional credit cards. Many companies such as Forex and MLM companies have already discovered the many benefits which a co-branded card programs offer and have had tremendous success using these co-branded card programs.

Through the power of partnership you now have the ability to join forces with major financial institutions such as Visa or MasterCard which are accepted all around the world at many merchants, retailors and ATM’s. Each time your cobranded card is used, you will gain instant marketing due to the exposure of your company’s logo or design. Since your company’s logo, design or URL will be the prominent design on the co-branded card, it will be the one which is noticed and proudly displayed.

We offer a wide selection of co-branded card programs to businesses which are designed to meet the current needs of companies of all shapes and sizes. With our co-branded card program you will be able to gain access to our full suite of solutions which are great for the unbanked clients as well as a dedicated card bin which features the logo or design of your company. If you have further questions that you would like answered about the use of a co-branded card program please feel free to contact us. We will do everything we can to help you to decide if a co-branded card program is right for you.

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