Co-branded Banking Cards

Co-branded Banking Cards

Co-branded Banking Cards

Importance of Co-Branded Banking Cards:

The co-branded cards programs are a perfect choice to create the right balance between the company powering the card (Visa and MasterCard), your particular brand, the issuing company and the customer. Therefore, if you want your business to growth at a faster rate and your clients to remain loyal to your brand, then getting a cobranded banking card becomes a necessity.

We provide you with the best and most suitable programs and deals in cobranded cards; each plan is formulated after thorough market research to ensure that it meets your business needs perfectly.

Types of Banking Cards:

Following are the different types of co-branded card options that we offer to our valued customers; each option can be customized according to the requirements of our clients.

Pre-paid Card Programs:

The prepaid card service by Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is different from others in the market in the sent that the card can be used for online transactions as well as for getting instant cash from ATMs. All you need to go is to keep your account filled with cash in order to carry out your everyday transactions smoothly. The prepaid card program is an excellent option for individual or home users who need the card for small-scale transactions only.

Debit Card Programs:

The debit card program comes with different choices to match what you are looking for; for most part your debit card is linked with your account so as you make a transaction, the amount is deducted from your bank account directly along with fees and administrative charges. However, with our cobranded card program you have to face a very low administrative fee because we value your money and want you to make the best use of it.

Credit Card Programs:

For most large business owners, it gets hard to keep a check on the amount of credit in their account all the time. Therefore, we have devised various types of credit card programs that can help you in growing your business by cutting extra costs and improving your revenue. The various schemes that come under credit card programs include:

  • Traveling and remittances schemes
  • Payroll and commission programs
  • Financial payout plans
  • Foreign exchange programs
  • Turnkey solutions
  • White label programs
  • Generic programs

Co-branded Banking Cards in Cyprus:

Businesses and financial institutions in Cyprus have especially taken advantage of our cobranded banking cards. With our large network, they can easily send in and receive money both locally and internationally and that too at a very low cost. The cobranded banking card programs in Cyprus have been tailored according to the financial and banking of the region, so that while making international transactions especially, no hindrance is faced by our clients.

The cobranded banking cards help you maintain customer loyalty and give your business the right boost that is needed for its growth. So join in our network today and become a part of the world’s most reliable cobranded card company.

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