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Card Programs

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid Card Programs

Credit card programs, debit card programs and prepaid card programs.

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid provides customized co-branded card programs to its customers. Customized co-branded cards are particularly useful for large businesses as they are a source of revenue as well a promotional tool for the business. These cobranded cards can be customized for an individual or a business by adding distinctive designs and logos according to the specifications provided by the customer.

The logo promotes the business and acts as a constant reminder that conditions the people to accept the new brand by becoming familiar with its logo. These cobranded card programs have a Bank Identification Number that allows the business to exercise additional control over the program.

Silver Card Cobranded Prepaid provides assistance in developing credit card programs, debit card programs and prepaid card programs. Developing a cobranded card program requires diligent planning as each and every feature must provide the customer with maximum satisfaction. As Visa and MasterCard provide financial services for cobranded cards, therefore the cards must be designed while keeping their specifications in mind as well.

Once the card has been designed, it must be sent to the issuing bank and to MasterCard and/or Visa, as their approval is essential. For printing the cards, the company needs to hire plastic providers after discussing it over with the client. The contracts are finalized with the plastic providers for printing the cards. After finalizing all the contracts with plastic provider and proof reviewing with the client, the final submission is made to MasterCard and Visa. Once an acceptance is issued, the cards are finally printed by the plastic provider.

Customized co-branded cards are unique and designed specifically for a single business or customer. A lot of planning and designing goes into developing a customized card program. Acquiring approvals and making contracts involves a lot of legal work as well. Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid is committed to provide the best to its customers. Our prepaid card programs, debit card programs and credit card programs are reasonably priced to facilitate the customers. The rates usually include initial charges, monthly charges and transaction fee.

The services that are provided by the company are not limited to designing and developing co-branded card programs. The company provides assistance to the clients in terms of program management as well. The customer can ask for help regarding the program and it shall be readily provided by the company. Management of the program includes dealing with customer complaints, marketing, monitoring the program and managing the risks that are involved. The company analyzes the needs of the business as well as the strategy and then provides the service accordingly.

Through proper management of the co-branded card programs, the business can grow rapidly and earn a lot of profit as well. The programs generate additional revenue for the company. The customized logos turn the card into a promotional tool and it becomes a very effective way of marketing the business. Most importantly, the prepaid cards provide the business owners and employees with an effective and functional financial tool for transactions.

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